I have been working on KILL THE CLEAN SHAVEN for a really long time. I really need to finish it up. The best way to do that is to make ‘Alpha’ version. Here are the things I need to do before I have an ALPHA VERSION.

Get some music

Originally this image had the artists ‘mark’ in the top left corner, but I removed it. Take that ‘Kyler Ramos’. Kyler is a stupid name.

Music always make games better, the funny thing is three out of five of my games don’t have any music in them. At the moment KCS doesn’t have any music in it. So to get this done I need to hire some guy to make some tunes, and then write some music management code. Music management code should be pretty easy, I’ll just use some tracks from Let’s Get Fiscal┬átemporarily.

Get some Sound Effects

The game has absolutely no music or SFX at the moment, so I need to hire someone to make some for me. I also need to tell him exactly what sounds to make, and where they will be played. This is very annoying, I really hate writing specifications.

Final Boss Stuff

The final boss is a handsome guy called El Jefe. Nadia (my sprite artists) always draws really handsome guys as bad guys. Why does she hate handsome guys so much?

Yeah so basically I haven’t coded very much for the final boss fight. It’s in two parts, first you fight him in his head quarters. You have to shoot him through a series of mirrors because of some reason I don’t want to explain. Then after you defeat him, he runs away and jumps into a fighter jet to escape you, but you chase after him on a hover board. I’ve coded some stuff for second part of the boss fight, it’s in the picture above.

The reason I haven’t coded the first part of the boss fight is because the mirror stuff is really tricky! Okay I haven’t actually tried to code it, but it seems like it will be difficult. So I need to:
1. Fix up the laser shooting attack for El Jefe’s plane.
2. Get bullets to rebound off surfaces in the boss zone.
3. Get bullets to rebound off El Jefe’s mirror (so annoying!)

Some cut scenes

There are a few cut scenes, I need to write the scripts for some, and also modify the code to allow character movement and other stuff.

1. Create a post McGeneral boss fight cutscene.
2. Create a death sequence for El Jefe’s plane
3. Create a mid boss fight cut scene where El Jefe runs off the screen and then gets into his plane, and McBeard jumps onto a hover board. Ugh this is going to be tricky, I need to code in character movement during cut scenes.

Basic Bad Guy AI

Left to right Shield, Tommy Gun and Razor-Spin

These three beardless jerks are guys you encounter in the headquarters of THE CLEAN SHAVEN. I need to write their AI, at the moment they are just a brainless bunch of idiots without beards. They just stand their and idle. When you shoot them they die. Tommy Gun has a pretty funny death animation.

Shield – He wanders around until you get within a certain distance of him. He then lifts up his shield and throws some strange metallic disc at you. If you shoot him when his shield is down, your bullets bounce off. I have to write code to allow the bullets to bounce off.

Tommy Gun – His AI is pretty basic, he just wanders around and tries to shoot you when you come close enough. He’s fat. Haha.

Razor Spin – His AI is pretty basic too, he just walks around and when you come close enough HE TRIES TO STAB YOU. Much like the way Louis Remire was killed.

Level Design type stuff

The last thing I need to do is place bad guys onto the level in a fair and fun way. At the moment sometimes you jump onto a ledge and discover there’s a bad guy there. It’s a bit unfair because the player had no way of knowing a bad guy was up there.

To do this requires a lot of trial and error. Also I should probably finish up coding the AI before I do this.

I need to play through the levels and figure out where bad guys should be placed. Red pixels represent platforms while the other pixels represent different types of bad guys.

After all that?

A vital component of balling.


Day 211 – Box Art vs Box Art.

Which one is better? Bernadinus' on the left and Oray Studios' on the right.

On the left we have the box art by Bernadinus Gita, and on the right I have the box art by Oray Studios. I like the way McBeard is drawn in Bernie’s version, but I don’t really like the text. Something about it doesn’t look finished. Some of the edges on McBeard look a bit rough, I can’t decide if I like it or not. It doesn’t really look like a game’s box art either.

Oray Studios’ on the right is pretty good, but McBeard doesn’t look as tough. The text is also a bit too small. I want it to take up the bottom third of the screen, and I don’t like that effect behind it. Let me know what you guys think.

What the fuck is “New + Rising”?

I have made Windows Phone version of Let’s Get Fiscal and The Rise of Gaddafish. That’s when I realised Windows Phone has a really fucking annoying set of lists for their store. When Windows Phone 7 first launched they had:

1. Xbox – This is a list of games that have cooperated with Microsoft in someway so that they can be associated with the Xbox brand.
2. Top Free – The most downloaded free games.
3. New – The latest games to come out.
4. Top Paid – The most purchased games.
5. Best Rated – Games with the highest average rating.

Those lists make sense. If you’re ranked 52nd on the Top Paid list, and you sold 90 copies, then you can safely say that every game below you sold less than 90 copies, and every game above you sold more than 90 copies.

But those assfuckers at Microsoft decided to replace the New game list with something called the New + Rising list. What the hell does that mean? Is it:
– A list of new games that are rising up the ranks?
– A list of new games and a list of games that are rising up the ranks?

That means as soon as my game comes out, it’s nowhere. No one can stumble upon it in a list, they have to magically know about my game.