Get Rich or Die Gaming

Day 1 – 559 sales 4369 trials
Day 2 – 662 sales 4255 trials
Day 3 – 1222 sales 7874 trials
Day 4 – 1588 sales 8826 trials
Day 5 – 1123 sales 5971 trials
Day 6 – 1028 sales 5169 trials
Day 7 – 830 sales 4597 trials

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Get Rich or Die Gaming was the first game I ever made. I started working on it at the start of 2009 when I was still at university. At that time I had never heard of XNA and used Adventure Game Studio to make it. It was known as BUSINESS ADVENTURE.

I stopped working on it when I got my first job as a computer programmer, I felt like I didn’t have time to go to university and work on a game at the same time. So it sat on my hard drive being all alone in a folder that I never visited. Then at the end of 2009 I graduated for University and took a break from work. I wandered around and didn’t do too much, someone told me about XNA so I checked it out. I started out with the 2D and 3D tutorials and I thought “Damn this is so much easier than DirectX and OpenGL, I’m going to make a game”.

I started working on a RTS game, but quickly realised it was way too complicated. My goal was to replicate StarCraft. Fuck that. Instead I began work on making BUSINESS ADVENTURE in C# and XNA. I talked to some friends about it and they all said “Whatever man”. Except for Vishal. He thought it was an awesome idea and while we were drinking beers came up with the name Get Rich or DotA. Awesome name, except a few months after Vishal named it, DotA was trademarked by Valve. FUCK YOU VALVE!

Vishal and I organised to meet at his house with some other guys and we would work on Get Rich or DotA. Vishal and I wrote some dialog, Steven drew some pretty pictures and Lawrence just sat around, until it was time to record some dialog. Lawrence did the voice for the drug dealer, the #1 funniest character in the game. Also the character that caused Get Rich or Die Gaming to be removed from the Apple App Store.

The ‘Spism’ Dealer

Then I disappeared to Australia, and started working with a French software company. I still worked on Get Rich or Die Gaming, but not too much. I hated my job so I spent a lot of time at work planning Get Rich or Die Gaming and writing dialog. In August 2010 I quit my job and in October 2010 Get Rich or Die Gaming was released.