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01 Time Travel Game – Planning


12170463_10156241848735613_1582656709_nI’ve started writing down some ideas for a new game, it’s going to be a visual novel just like Tokyo Hosto, except most importantly it’s going to be designed to work great on mobile. That means it’ll have some sort of freemium business model and a lot of UI changes.

The full planning document can be found here. I’ll try write a blog post every time I do more work on this game. Right now I have a few ideas, a few stupid jokes and some scene plans.


Hiring Voice Actors

I’ve hired voice actors for every single game I’ve made! It was always a really annoying process.┬áLately I’ve come across a really cool website for hiring voice actors. I’ve been using it to hire voice actors for the audio messages in Phoney Girlfriend and Phoney Boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.19.13 pm

One thing I didn’t expect was to get a lot of comedic auditions, one user who goes by the name Daveq has been posting a lot of really funny auditions. His audition for Adrienna is hilarious. The full job listing is here.