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About Angus Cheng

I am the number one best chair owning programmer in the world. I make video games for the XBOX360, iOS and sometimes Windows Phone. Also I am a cool guy.

Get Rich or Die Gaming on Unity

A few weeks ago I started working at a games studio that creates mobile games with the Unity engine. Problem is, I’m really not familiar with it. To get some extra experience, I decided to port Get Rich or Die Gaming to the OUYA, using the Unity engine. Here’s what I’ve created so far



There’s not much to do, you can move the menu selector up and down. Press new game and you are taken to another Unity Scene, where you are faced with a picture of Adickle Face Press exit and nothing happens, I guess you don’t really need an exit button on a web browser.

Next I want to work on the cut scene engineit should be pretty simple. I want it to read in an XML file, and then display pictures, and audio at certain times defined by the XML file. This means I’ll need to figure out how to handle XML file reading and dynamic sprite allocation, anyway it should be fine. I’ll be working on that today.

When Will Phoney Girlfriend Make Money?

Sadly Hubert and I aren’t going to update Phoney Girlfriend anymore after April 18th. We’re going to add two new characters this Friday and then abandon the project for a while, maybe forever. For some reason I wanted to do some calculations to see when Phoney Girlfriend will turn a profit. I wrote them out and thought they were kind of interesting so I decided to write a blog post.

Spreadsheet with all the costs. It's in USD.

Spreadsheet with all the costs. It’s in USD. I blocked the names, and purpose of our spending.

$6006.63 USD, the rest of this blog post is going to be in Hong Kong dollars. So we spent:

$6006.63 * 7.77 = $46,671.51 HKD

The smart people at Google are going to take 30% of our earnings, so that means we need to make:

$46,671.51 / 0.7 = $66,673.59 HKD

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.44.18 pmWe’ve made $16,352.41 so far, and that means we need to make a further $50,321.18. Over the last thirty days we have made an average of $373.08 per day. Fifty thousand divided by three hundred and seventy is 134.88, which means it will take 135 days for us to break even. Assuming, and it’s a pretty stupid assumption, that we will continue earning at this rate.

That means on August 26th 2014 we will start making money. I feel like sales will drop after this Friday, because of a lack of support. So I still don’t really know when Phoney Girlfriend will make money.