New Script

I’m having trouble writing the rest of the script for the time travelling game, and so I decided to use a different script all together. I’m going to make a game where you play as Kim Jong Un. I started writing this KJU script in early 2014, intending it to be a script for Phoney Messenger.

Today I went to the library and spent the morning converting the code for Girlfriend PlusPlus from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.1. There were a ton of errors and it took about three hours to get everything to compile and launch. I had to change a lot of code and I’m sure I introduced a few bugs in the process. It’s annoying because I want to discontinue working on GPP and focus on this Kim Jong Un visual novel.

At 3 PM I was out of energy and left the library, on the way out I ran into Vishal, a writer friend, he wrote the script for Rock Bottom and parts of Get Rich or Die Gaming. He was going to work on his fantasy novel in the library but instead we walked through Victoria Park and talked about writing and what we have been up to. I told him about my plans for this KJU game and he seemed to like the concept. He even pitched a few names;

Sim Kim

I’m Glorious Leader

I was telling Vishal each of the scenes have an objective that can be failed, and this was hard for me to write because sometimes I can’t think of a failure reason. He suggested not all should be failable, some should cause a branch to happen instead. He also gave me some tips for dealing with writers block.