02 Time Travel Game – Massive Inspiration

Yesterday I went to watch Game 5 of the Blue Jays vs the Royals at Rogers Stadium in Toronto. I don’t know the rules of baseball, and have never seen a game before but it was pretty easy to follow and I enjoyed it. After we got some burgers then went home.

I get home and go to sleep, but my bed is right next to a heater, and I kept waking up feeling super dry and hot. I’m staying at a friend’s uncle’s place and there’s a girl here as well. I think she turned up the heating. Arghh, so I remove a blanket and my shirt and go back to sleep.

I have a dream about a mythical bird called Plelarious, then I wake up again. I’m really interested in this bird so I look it up in Google, but then there’s nothing. Then I realise I must have made it all up. So I quickly write it down and then go back to sleep. I’m going to try integrate this into the time travel game somehow.