Phoney Girlfriend is Profitable!

Two posts ago I talked about why I was halting work on Phoney Girlfriend.  In a previous post, I explained how we needed $66,673 HKD to break even, and we’ve finally done it!


It’s all profit from here on out!

Since the Tech In Asia article, a lot of other articles have been written, for some reason none of the other articles are in English. They’ve all checked out my previous blog post and concluded that we are no longer working on Phoney Girlfriend. That is not the case! About a month ago we noticed a big boost in downloads and sales so Hubert and I got back to working on Phoney Girlfriend, and we’ve got some exciting future plans.

"we are not sure why but you can interact with a creator of this App Angus Cheng (male). we are very curious what you will talk to him about....but in order to unlock him, you gotta pay 1337yen. he is more expensive than girlfriend"

“We are not sure why but you can interact with a creator of this App, Angus Cheng. We are very curious what you will talk to him about…. but in order to unlock him, you’ve got to pay 1337 Yen. He is more expensive than a girlfriend”

Future Plans

We are working on a new engine that allows for something we are calling situational scripts. Hmmm it seems Google Chrome does not believe situational is a word. I’ve been using it a lot to describe this new type of script. Shit.

In these situation scripts you play as a fictional character, and talk to other fictional characters. Right now in Phoney Girlfriend, the girlfriend is a fictional character, and you are someone without too much of a personality. So for example, I am working on a script where you play as Kim Jong Un, and you have to keep a hold of power during a tense political period.

You’ll receive messages from your advisers, army generals, Ambassador Rodman and Barack Obama. The game play will be the same, you make a decision out of three choices. Make the wrong decision and something terrible happens.

Rough notes for Kim Jong Un script.

Rough notes for Kim Jong Un script.

More Scripts

We are working on more scripts, but want to create higher quality stuff. We want the app to be more generalised. Not necessarily a fake girlfriend app, but a scripted chat application. Here’s a pretty funny audio message you receive from Yui the air hostess.

 Japanese translation

Based on no evidence whatsoever, and racial prejudice, I have decided that Japanese people will love Phoney Girlfriend. Only problem is, they do not speak English. So I have hired a translator to translate Brenda and Aloria’s scripts into Japanese. Oh shit! I just realised Brenda’s script has audio messages in it…. hmmmm I’ll need to find a Japanese voice actress as well. Damn it.

The translator says he’ll be done on Saturday night. So if everything goes to plan, we should have a Japanese version by the 4th of July.

iOS Baby

iOS is actually the dominant smartphone platform in Japan, and it’s pretty strong around the world. So we are working on an iOS version as well. Only problem is, will Apple accept our game?

Do you know the answer, golden bull?

Do you know the answer, golden bull?