Don’t Kill Girlfriends

I thought it was funny.

I thought it was funny.

When I was planning Phoney Girlfriend I quickly realised, the scripts had to end somewhere. We are hiring people to write the scripts, and it is not possible to write an infinite number of scripts. Looping messages over and over again would be kind of lame, and I felt would detract from the reality of the app. So that was out. There was only one thing to do, provide some sort of reason for why the player’s girlfriend would stop messaging him.

There are actually a lot of reasons why I person would stop messaging you; they might get bored with you, you two might get into an argument, whatever. For me, the best reason was the person died. I thought it would be kind of funny if all the characters in this app just died. After playing through three scripts, you would expect them to die. So we could constantly put the characters into dangerous situations and the player would think “Ahh okay, so this is how it ends.” Only for them to miraculously escape. Kind of like the South Park Christmas episode where Kenny keeps getting into dangerous situations but doesn’t die.

Some people didn't find it funny.

Some people didn’t find it funny.

I don’t know what to do, part of me wants to continue killing off these Phoney Girlfriends, but it does seem like a lot of people are unhappy about them being killed off. I especially like the review “WHY DID YOU KILL HER!!!!! – 3 Stars”.

Love Plus Infinite Mode

A friend recently sent me an article about an Nintendo DS game called Love Plus. It’s known as Rabu Purasu in Japan. Apparently it has an infinite mode, the article I read didn’t have too much details about the infinite mode. I assume you just do a lot of things repetitively. The interesting thing is there are people who are happy with the infinite mode. So much so that they have been playing for eighteen months.

To be continued

Instead of killing Brenda, I could have ended the script with. Brenda will return soon in Brenda Part 2, and simply get my writers to write more content for Brenda, and get more photos from the model. I don’t really like this approach, since we try to escalate the conversation as it goes along. If we keep making content packs, we have to keep escalating things, and there comes a point where you can’t escalate it even further.

That’s why I chose to kill off the characters, because I didn’t like the infinite play mode, and I don’t like the to be continued option.