Tokyo Hosto

Mr. Unreadable Name's play through really boosted sales.

The Fantastic Fivesome is selling well, and that’s great. At the moment I’m working on three things:

1. Bringing The Fantastic Fivesome to iOS and Android. Why? To make more money. Money money money money money. You can’t be a baller without money.
2. Finishing off KILL THE CLEAN SHAVEN. I would say it’s about 65% complete. There’s a lot of coding to do, and the sad thing is it wont port to touch controls very well. Also I have hard coded positions which means it will be a massive pain in the dick to target different resolutions.
3. Tokyo Hosto.

Tokyo Hosto? What the hell is that? It’s an adventure game where you work in a host bar in Tokyo. What’s a host bar? Check out the video below.

The Great Happiness Space a documentary about Host Clubs in Japan.

There are going to be ten scenes in this game, and I have already written four. I reckon I can get the rest of them written within two weeks.

All hosts use Google Documents