Day 17 – Final Casting Call

The Rise of Gaddafish is the sequel to the XBOX Live Indie Game Rock Bottom and Get Rich or Die gaming. Wilson Cooper has turned into a fish and swum to war torn Libya. Alone and with no money, he must learn to take care of himself in the middle of a civil war.

Record the lines for the character(s) you would like to try out for. Save them as WAV files and email them to [email protected]

May 1st 2012

Name – Prime Minister of Australia
Voice Type – Heavy Australian Accent.
Description – The Prime Minister of Australia. You meet him at the bar in the United Nations. He has been drinking.
Line 1 – No idea mate. Libya is fucking rooted I reckon. Let me tell you about Australia. [This is in response to Wilson asking for advice on how to lead Libya]
Line 2 – Just make sure you don’t invite any wankers to the party.

Name – Narrator
Voice Type – Announcer, clear attention grabbing voice. Can be male or female.
Description – The narrator of the video game. Most of the lines will be from cinematics.
Line 1 – Suddenly you are hit by a bolt of energy.
Line 2 – Meanwhile in Libya.

Name – Adickle Face
Voice Type – Authoritative, he is modelled on Gordon Gecko from Wall Street.
Description – Adickle Face was Wilson Cooper’s mentor from Get Rich or Die Gaming. He is famous for being a heartless jerk.
Line 1 – “Ha! I am using technology to turn you into a fish!”
Line 2 – “For conning your way into getting the board games job!”

Name – Rebel Leader
Voice Type – Middle Eastern.
Description – The leader of the rebel forces. You encounter him shortly after you agree to work with Muammar Gaddafi.
Line 1 – You there! Stop what you are doing and surrender to the Rebel Forces.
Line 2 – Nevermind that. Tell me, you transformed into a human in Gaddafi’s bathroom. Did you not?

Name –NATO Commander
Voice Type – American.
Description – A Commander of NATO. You meet him while working for both Gaddafi and the Rebel Forces. You talk to him on the phone. He is based on General Buck Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove.
Line 1 – Oh don’t worry about it. Happens from time to time. Just send both files over to [email protected], we’ll figure out who is good and who is bad.
Line 2 –Oh! The fish man. I saw you on the internet.

Name – Moussa Koussa
Voice Type – Middle Eastern
Description – The head of Libya’s secret service. You have somehow become Libya’s newest dictator, and Moussa Koussa is your closest advisor.
Line 1 –The people are not happy with your latest policies.
Line 2 –Well said supreme leader. Two major political opponents have emerged, they are building up support to over throw you.

Name –Militia Man
Voice Type – Doesn’t matter.
Description –You wake up one morning to find this man pointing a gun in your face.
Line 1 – Colonel Wilson Gaddafish. NATO have killed your superiors. You are now the leader of the resistance.
Line 2 – Find Muammar.