Day 149 – Feeling sick

God I feel sick! On Friday night I went to Korean BBQ and drank lots of soju. Not only that I also am really impatient when barbecuing and eat the meat before it is fully cooked. Afterwards we all went to a bar in Wynyard and I drank lots of VB. I left pretty early, at about 1.00 AM and went straight home. Before I went home I licked Karina’s face. I must have been really drunk.

The next morning I woke up feeling terrible. My nose was blocked, I had a violent cough and a horrible headache. Was it the uncooked meat, soju, VB or was it Karina’s disgusting face?

I was in no mood to do anything on Saturday, so watched documentaries and did a little bit of programming for Rock Bottom. Sunday was the same. I didn’t do anything. Today I worked furiously on Rock Bottom. The most important thing to do when game developing is to get other people to do stuff. I’m collaborating with a lot of people:

– Character artists
– Background artists
– Comic artists
– Voice actors
– Vishal the writer

If those asshole’s don’t know what to do, they’ll just sit at home and watch Pokemon. Who can blame them, Pokemon is a great show. Before I can tell them what to do, I have to figure out what I want them to do. Before I can tell the voice actors what to do, I need to get Vishal to write the script. So I sent him an email:

Hours later he sent me five sets of character dialog and I sent it over to the voice actors. After that I wrote a specification for background images for the second level of the game.

It also included a set of boring details for each background. Who wants to read that though? After sending the email I got a reply from the artist.

Good question, what the hell is a Rock Stand. Rock Bottom, the full first level available here: